StudioCAHS is an architectural design firm with a presence in NY and London. Founded in 2019 by Caterina Heil Stewart, the firm’s suite of capabilities is guided by craftsmanship, personalization, preservation, and conservation when possible. At its core is an emphasis on the value of time, material, visual movement, and harmony, as well as a commitment to composing spaces and curating furniture pieces that stand the test of time. 

With an in-house team of architects and designers, StudioCAHS ensures a harmonious and unified experience for both themselves and their clients from concept to completion. This begins with an organic analysis to ascertain context, evaluate the preexisting integrity of the site, and balance the built and natural environments. Each design decision is approached with precision, ensuring every action is meaningful. 

Defined by their attention to detail and an understanding of personal expression, StudioCAHS activates a home by coupling a mid-century modern aesthetic with works by contemporary artists. Through the curation of collectible design, the studio spotlights exceptional pieces while casting them into dialogue with their surroundings. Equilibrium is often achieved through a unifying palate, a thoughtful mix of textures and colors, and the use of light.

StudioCAHS’s roster of past and current clients stands testament to the firm’s impeccable taste and commitment. From the reenvisioning of Sotheby’s East Hampton Gallery, a residence at 432 Park Avenue, and a penthouse in Brooklyn Heights to a townhouse in Lenox Hill, multiple residential projects in London, and current endeavors like restoring a landmark townhouse and ground-up houses in the Hamptons; each space embodies the firm’s vision of designing for longevity.

787 Madison Ave, Third Floor
New York NY 10065

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